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Friday, June 19, 2015





(Monday : 26 January 2015)
Today, Hj, Zainal taught to me that I need to be familiarized with the contract documents for project namely SK316. He want me to know about the details of project The client for this project is PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd. and the contractor is TMJV (Technip-MMHE Joint Venture). SK316 Gas Development Project is including Wellhead Platform (WHP), Central Processing Platform (CPP) with Living Quarters and a bridge linked Drilling Platform. This project has state at the MMHE East, Pasir Gudang. Besides that, I also help him to prepare the document for tendering.

(Tuesday: 27 January 2015)
I had attended the “Safety Induction Course” at E-Pass One Stop Centre in Taman Mawar, Pasir Gudang.  This course have two sections, Section 1 is for understanding the important of safety at work place and determine the hazard that have at the work place. Section 2 is examination. We have to passes the examination to get the E-Pass. These courses were started at 8.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m.

(Wednesday: 28 January 2015)
Starting from today, I’m officially starting training at MMHE East project. I have been introduced to Mr. Aizat as a Project Manager, Mr. Azuan as  Project Engineer, Mr. Hafiz as a QA/QC, Mrs Asrah as a site clerk, Mr. Ah Long as a Foreman, Mr. Andrew as the Material controller and Mr. Roger as a QC in plumbing services. Mr. Aizat explains the task that I need to do every day. Every Monday morning, I need to attend the “Safety Tool Box” with other workers. After that, I need to joint site meeting with PMC and client to know about the progress work at the site.

Before I can enter to the site, I have to Attend Safety Induction at Safety department. In this safety induction, they will give the sticker for each worker to indicate that an employee understand about the importance of safety in workplaces. This induction starts at 10.00a.m until 1.00 p.m. 

(Thursday: 29 January 2015)
Mr. Azuan ask me to print and  do the filing for weekly progress meeting, weekly progress report and S Technical Query (STQ) include with summary. STQ is the form that we need to get approval from the PMC and client. For example, client want to have ice cream machine brand Panasonic, but we cannot supply with that brand and we want to replace with another brand, so we need to submit the proposal to them and get the approval to make sure they are agree. 

(Friday : 30 January 2015)
Mr. Azuan shows me the 3D of the module. From the 3D I can see the overall view of the module. Now, they divided into three module, which is Central Processing Platform Technical Building (CPP TB), Central Processing Platform Living Quarters (CPP LQ) and Wheal Head Platform (WHP). They separate into three part because it’s easy to manage and construct the module.

Picture 1shows the 3D of module using Navisworks software


Monday: 2 February 2015)
Today I help Mrs. Asrah to do the Request Token. This token is to make sure our worker can enter to the site and to record into man power system.  

After luch hour, I go to the site with Mr. Azuan. He shows me the CPP TB building, CPP LQ building and WHP building. He also explains about the function of the each module. The works that our company do is architectural part include insulation, supply furniture and install wall partition. Other than that, we also do the piping and plumbing work. 

Picture 1 shows the insulation at Living Quarters and CPP Technical Building

Picture 2 shows the CPP Living Quarters.

(Tuesday: 3 February 2015)
I have follow Mr. Hafiz to do Joint Inspection for insulation part at site. Firstly I need to prepare Request for inspection form for insulation work. Secondly, prepare the drawing for inspection area and marking the inspection area. The responsible people that have to do this inspection are Mr. Salihudin from Petronas Cari Gali (PCSB), Mr. Khairul from MMHE and Mr. Hafiz from Actual Builder (ABSB).  
Picture 3 shows the insulation at CPP Living Quarters.

After site inspection done, Mr. Aizat ask me to prepare the documentation that requested from site instruction form. Site instruction is the form that MMHE give when they have any changes that need to change at site. All the changes, our company will claim from the client. To make sure, they approve the claim, we need to prepare the documentation as evidence.

(Wednesday: 4 February 2015)
I have follow Mr. Azuan and learnt more about welding section. Today have Welding Qualification Test (WQT) at the workshop. Before we start Welding Qualification Test, we need to check welder ID, preparing the work area (set up the equipment), and then identify the type of welding used (SMAW/FCAW) and recognize the position of welding (3G/4G). This test was conducted for the whole day.

Every welder will do the test in the morning. After done the welding test, welding inspector and client will inspected the test piece by visual inspection. The result of the test will come out in the evening. Usually, to make sure they pass the test (WQT), they have to make sure the steel plat that they weld is neat and have no defect.

Picture 4 shows welder doing the Welding Qualification Test and sample of Test piece that have done by them. 

(Thursday: 5 February 2015)
Today, Mrs Asrah was MC, so I need to do her works. First of all, I do the request token for new worker. Request token is the system that MMHE created to make sure the worker for each subcon was record. If we do not do this request token, the worker can’t enter into the site. This system must update every 10 days, this is to make sure there is no redundancy.

Next, I help Mr. Hafiz to find the document that need to attach into the site instruction form. For example, drawing, Technical Query (STQ), report included picture before and after installation. This document is very important to proof that we have done the works. 

(Friday : 6 February 2015)
Submit the Site Instruction file to Mr. Aizat. Mr Aizat will check and give to Quantity Surveyor to prepare the claim. Next, I have to update daily manpower for today and yesterday worker. After done update, I email to Mrs Yanti (MMHE engineer) and Miss Shima (Document controller at HQ) for their record.  In the evening, I follow Mr. Hafiz and Mr. Andrew go to workshop and do the material inspection.

Picture 6 shows the material inspection at workshop.

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