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Saturday, June 20, 2015





(23 March 2015 : Monday)
Help Mr. Roger doing hot water and cold water report complete with grin and mac number. 

(24 March 2015 : Tuesday)
Help Roger doing hot water and cold water report complete with grin and mac number.
Help Mr. Azuan update weekly progress report.

Picture 1 shows weekly progress report.

(25 March 2015 : Wednesday)
Help Mr. Roger doing hot water and cold water report complete with grin and mac no.
After lunch hour I enter to the CPP Living Quarters to mark “Paint” or “Visual” in every steel frame at level 1 until 1 until level 3.

Picture 2 shows the frame that need to paint. 

(26 March 2015 : Thursday)
Today I have entered to WHP to find uncompleted works at ESR room and IER room. 

Picture 3 shows raised floor did not install at the certain area at Instrument Electrical Room (IER).

Picture 4 shows raised floor has not 100% installed at Electrical Services Room (ESR).

(27 March 2015 : Friday)
Today I enter to the site to check the all panel installation base on drawing. Each wall panel that have done install, must be cover by card board to protect form damages. Level 1 until level 3 have started installs the wall panel, but level 2 still in insulation process. 

Picture 5 shows the wall panel that have install and cover by cardboard.

Picture 6 shows the installation of insulation process at level 4.

Picture 7 shows the cat eye. The function of cat eye is to hanging the cable when lifting process.


(30 March 2015 : Monday)   
Today I only attend site meeting Mr. Hafiz at MMHE meeting room. Today they discuss about QA/QC and Engineering issues.

QA/QC Issues:
1.    ABSB needs to ensure proper protection of the installed insulation especially near the opening locations at the bulkhead or overhead.
2.    Plumbing valves – ABSB need to provide recent certificates (2014) and prepared for random hydro test (1no.for each valve type.) Target on 02/04/2015.
3.    ABSB needs to submit quotation for all additional items and SI for subcontract amendment and supporting documents to justify the additional works for review.

Engineering Issues:
1.      Clashing issue between raised floor pedestals & E&I cable tray at TB. ABSB need to do room layout marking after complete blasting/painting activity. Then line walk with E&I to identify location and quantity if bridge is feasible and required.
2.      ABSB needs to clarify/provide complete documents for Commissioning purpose for the following items:
a)      Hot water package (Tanks & Pumps
b)      Cold room system
c)      Galley hood (Exhaust & Fire suppression system)
d)     Lab fume hood
3.      Enquiry on Safety equipment locker sent to ABSB on 03/04/2015.

(31 March 2015: Tuesday)
Today I have entered to the site for check installation of wall panel. I need to ensure every wall panel that has installed must cover by card board to protect from damages. I also highlighted in the drawing which area that have install wall panel. 

Picture 1 shows installation of wall panel in progress in level 2.

Picture 2 shows cutting wall panel in level 2

Picture 3 shows steel frame need to check before painting process

(1 April 2015 : Wednesday)
Today I have Inspection of stairs. Before all the stairs are used, MMHE need to inspect the stairs and give the tag to ensure all the stairs are in good condition and safe when they used at the site. After lunch hour, Mr. Andrew, Mr. Hafiz, Miss Fasya and I go to workshop land A to inspect Laboratory equipment materials that has arrived yesterday. 

Picture 4 shows the stairs inspection and workshop Land A.

Picture 5 shows Mr. Andrew check the flask to make sure the flask did not crack.

Picture 6 shows Mr. Andrew check the graduated cylinder and make sure the entire graduated cylinder in a good condition.

(2 April 2015: Thursday)
Today I have follows Mr. Hafiz do underlayment test at workshop with client PETRONAS and PMT. They do the load testing which is Mr. Salihuddin knock the underlayment test piece using hammer and also fire testing. The objective of this test is to ensure the underlayment did not crack when the high load fall from the high place to the underlayment surface area.

Picture 7 shows Mr. Hafiz explain about the procedure of load test before they start the test.

Picture 8 shows the tools that need to use in load test which is underlayment test pieces and hammer. The right picture shows Mr. Salihuddin knock the test piece.

Picture 9 shows the test piece has crack and the test was consider fail and reject. ABSB need to prepared another test piece and follow the requirement that they give in specification.

Picture 10 shows the fire test and the test piece can received the high temperature until 440C0 .

(3 April 2015 : Friday)
Today I follow Mr. Ah Long, Mr. Roger and Mr Aizat do the Hydro Test at factory from 9a.m – 6 p.m. This testing is to ensure that the valve can received high pressure and at the same time no leaking at the body of valve. 

Picture 11 shows the 23 pieces of valve and high pressure pumps.

Picture 12 shows the pressure gauges that used in this test and Mr. Zul fill in water into the valve before start pumps the pressure into the valves.

Picture 13 shows the Mr. Zul start pumps the pressure from 0 bars to 8 bars. When the pressure reaches 8 bars, hold it until 3 minutes for the leak inspection. If the pressure maintain, it’s proved that no leaking for the valve.

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